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ABB DC drive DCS800

Tiristorski regulisani ispravljači DC motora
2-Q (dvokvadrantnoj) i 4-Q (četvorokvadrantnoj) izvedbi
za opseg izlazne struje od 20 do 20.000 A DC
za 3-fazni i za 6-fazni priključak od 230 do 1.200 V AC



Standarne osobine:

  • Fleksibilna i modularna hardverska struktura
  • Ugradni uređaji DCS800-S modules, ormanska izvedba za direktni mrežni priključak DCS800-A enclosed Converters, kitovi za ormansku ugradnju DCS800-E series-Pre-assembled drive-kits i kit upravljačke elektronike za postjeće tiristorske ispravljače DCS800-R Rebuild Kit-Digital control-kit for existing Powerstacks
  • Laka integracija u kompleksne sisteme automatizacije
  • 3-fazni(6-pulsni) i 6-fazni (12-pulsni) ispravljači do 18 MW / 23,000 HP
  • Napon napajanja od 230 V do 990 (1200) V


DCS800 family


  • Compact
  • Highest power ability
  • Simple operation
  • Comfortable assistants, e.g. for commissioning or fault tracing
  • Scalable to all applications
  • Free programmable by means of integrated IEC61131-PLC
  • Individually adaptable to customer requirements
  • User-defined accessories like external PLC or automation systems can be included
  • High power solutions in 6- and 12-pulse up to 20,000 A, 1,500 V
  • In accordance to usual standards
  • Individually factory load tested
  • Detailed documentation


  • DCS800 module with all necessary accessories mounted and fully cabled on a panel
  • Very fast installation and commissioning
  • Squeezes shut-down-times in revamp projects to a minimum
  • Fits into Rittal cabinets
  • Compact version up to 45 0 A and Vario version up to 2,000 A
  • Proven long life components are re-used, such as power stacks, (main) contactors, cabinets and cabling / busbars, cooling systems
  • Use of up-to-date communication facilities
  • Increase of production and quality
  • Very cost-effective solution
  • Open Rebuild Kits for nearly all existing DC drives
  • tailor-made solutions for BBC PxD, BBC SZxD, ASEA TYRAK, other manufacturers


Izbor načina rada i priključnog napona

Preporuka za izbor vrste režima rada i priključnog napona familije DCS800 tiristorskiih regulisanih ispravljača


DCS800-S power converter modules (ugradni uređaji)

Ratings, types and voltages (tipovi prema struji i naponu)


Components overview of converter size D1...D4 (400…525V)


Components overview of converter size D5...D7 (400…990V)


Plug-in options